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TheraVitae is a world leader in the development of specific cells for specific diseases, all of them derived from the patient's own blood. Our ultimate goal is to make the embryonic debate moot by developing autologous adult stem cells for every disease we can.

What is VesCell™?

Progenitor cells or stem cells are 'master cells' found in all vertebrate animals including humans. These cells can either divide into cells identical to themselves or differentiate into a specific cell type. They play an important role in the process of normal development, regeneration and repair of damaged tissues.

VesCell™ contains a certain type of progenitor cells called Angiogenic Cell Precursors (ACPs). ACPs possess the ability to differentiate into a variety of cells involved in the formation of blood vessels. New blood vessels originate from angiogenic cell precursors in a process called ACPs (the formation of new blood vessels where there are no pre-existing ones), or from preexisting
blood vessels by Angiogenesis.

VesCell™ uses adult stem cells that are harvested from approximately 250 cc. of the patient's own blood. After 5 days in the lab, these stem cells are transformed into millions of ACPs using an aseptic technique.

What is VesCell™?

VesCell™ for the Heart

Cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are currently using VesCell™ to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure by relieving debilitating symptoms such as severe angina pectoris (severe chest pain) and
increasing exercise tolerance. Patients who have exhausted all other treatment options such as Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) or balloon angioplasties are candidates. If the patient has other medical conditions which make these conventional procedures too risky or otherwise not
possible, VesCell™ may be a viable alternative. Results so far have been encouraging and indicate that the therapy is safe and beneficial to patients.

The use of ACPs as a microrevascularization process for Heart Disease can be used in conjunction with techniques such as CABG and angioplasty. VesCell™ treatment is aimed at promoting the formation of natural bypass blood vessels within the ischemic, but not yet scarred tissue, thus alleviating the clinical condition of patients.

All procedures are performed by medical professionals at the various hospitals affiliated with TheraVitae.

Two Approaches of VesCell™ Administration


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