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VesCell™ for Peripheral Arterial Disease

Vascular Surgeons are using VesCell™ PAD to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease of the lower limbs by relieving debilitating symptoms such as ischemic rest pain and digital gangrene. VesCell™ PAD is a viable therapy for patients who have exhausted all other treatment options short of amputation.

Our first clinical trial patient has already been treated. Below is a description of that patient's condition before treatment, and 3 months after treatment.

Before Stem Cell Therapy

Severe Lower-Limb Ischemia, on maximal medication

Non-healing ulcer on left big toe due to low blood circulation with Ankle Brachial lndex (ABI) =
0.77 and Toe Brachial lndex (TBI) = 0.00 for 3-months. Size: 1x1.5 cm (Figure 1).

Severe Arterial Stenosis throughout left leg, knee, foot and toe

Underlying Diseases : Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary Artery Disease, Coronary
Artery Bypass Graft - 5 years prior (EF20% by SPECT)

After Stem Cell Therapy

Reduced ulcer size
    0.5x1.3 cm -1 month post-treatment (Figure 3)
    0.3x0.3 cm - 3 months post-treatment (Figure 4)
    Complete healing ulcer - 4 months post-treatment

Improved coloration & temperature (Figure 2)
    Ulcer color changed from pale to pink
    Foot temperature increased
    Increased ABI = 0.85 and TBI = 0.49 - 3 months post-treatment

CT-angiography revealed significant increase in vascularity of the left artery below the knee

All signs on the above indicated signs of blood circulation improvement


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